Saturday, June 11, 2005

Editorial: Ease up on Wal-Mart.

These days it seems that all of the "cool people" will bash Wal-Mart. It is now trendy to cry out against the "evil empire" known as Wal-Mart. The fact of the matter is, the people that are making these claims are doing so on only bits of information and false information that they have heard. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I am going to attempt to lay out the facts as they really are and then you are free to decide from there.

Qualifications for this editorial: I worked for them last summer. I admit it, I "sold out and worked for Satan, serving the hicks" (it's a Southern based chain, the hick joke is too easily made). However you view it, I worked inside those walls. I saw how the place operated, I was behind the scenes, and I dealt with management day in and day out. I got a taste for the company not many Wal-Mart bashers can say they did.

Claims made against Wal-Mart that are bull:
1. They barely pay their employees min. wage or grossly under-pay them.
Wrong. How would anyone other than an actual Wal-Mart employee know up to the minute facts on their compensation practices? They might but wouldn't someone who actually received a check from them know? Wal-Mart does not pay $5 an hour. Without advertising my salary, they pay around $8-9 an hour to START. What did I do? I stood behind a cash register, got my scheduled breaks, and a lunch HOUR. No offense to former employers but this is more than what I can say for them. This was one of the best retail jobs I had ever had. I've been told that is sad. It is. It is sad that everyone in the workforce except for Wal-Mart employees are treated like crap.

2. They drive out competition and that is wrong.
I do not see what is wrong with that. In fact a claim like that leads me to think you have no idea how business works--at all. The point of running a business is to maximize profits and what easier way to do it then to make sure no one else can get your business and most importantly, your money? If you were running a business you would want to get rid of your competition too. Inevitably this is what you would do whether you believe it or notice it or not. Do not be jealous that they are really good at it.

3. The no overtime policy leads to employee abuse.
Let me make this simple: NO. No one works off the clock and if they do, they get disciplined. I have seen employees get questioned about it and it is something that is taken seriously. The no overtime policy is in place to PROTECT employees, not hurt them.

4. Wal-Mart provides little to no benefits.
Medical and dental are expensive benefits that are given to employees. That is all.

Wal-Mart is not a perfect company but then again no company is perfect. If you are going to dislike a company, dislike it after hearing all the sides. They act like a normal company would in minimizing competition, they treat their employees well, and they provide the consumer with cheap prices. Seems like all sides are made happy. Wal-Mart may or may not have had problems with their employees in the past. Even if they did, isn't there something to be said for fixing their ways and cleaning up their act? That is the act of a socially responsible company and I know for a fact there are other companies out there that should really model themselves after Wal-Mart. Ponder THAT.


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I know, the liberals want to shun me now. However I think those whiney babies are full of it.

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