Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Diary of a 24 hour take home final.

8:30am- Woke up in a panic, thinking I slept through the window of time to pick up the exam even though I had set my alarm. Unable to regain my previous sleep pattern, I decided to get cup of coffee #1 and try this breakfast thing so many people recommend.

11:00am- Picked up the test. I don't work well in the mornings, even if I did wake up all on my own.

11:01am- Didn't even open the test yet for whatever reason but a wave of nausea came over me. Briefly wondered to myself, if I took a good 5 minutes to lay down and get a grip, if I would have enough time to finish the test.

11:07am- Nearly hit by a car in Brooklyn yet again. As I saw it, I wondered if I should stop scurrying away from it. I quickly reasoned that the test wouldn't be that horrible and kept walking.

11:10am- Back in my room. Finally look at the test and decide it's going to suck but it's fair. Despite that, I still allow myself 5 minutes to doubt myself to write a single word.

11:45am- I've actually begun to write by now. I think it might be an early night...Who am I kidding?

12:00pm- Coffee #2

12:30-3pm- Worked but the pace began to slow down pretty quickly. Sometime around 2 I went out to get air. Decided I couldn't handle people being drunk and done with finals around me during my final just yet.

4:30pm- Finished the 1st question and it was only 3 pages long....and I went over. Not satisfied with the answer but at least 1/3 of the test is over. For those interested: Dormant Commerce Clause.

4:45pm- Coffee #3. I don't normally drink more than 1 cup day and I don't drink it on a daily basis either so i'm starting to feel the effects.

6:00-8:00pm- A blur. I might have been in a caffeine induced blackout. All I do know is, caffeine is a total appetite suppressent and I knocked off question 2 (Commerce Clause/N&P). 2 page limit, went over again.

8:30pm- Coffee #4. I'm not even tired but I think I developed a habit. My body is awake but i'm mentally tired.

9:00pm- Coffee kicks in, feeling euphoric and ready to work again.

10:00pm-12:00am- Question 3 is on war powers and Iraq. I have to research and learn it all. There were paragraphs I wrote in 5 minutes time, certainly not from extensive knowledge, but because i'm certain I might be high.

1:00am- Tired but at the same time, I couldn't sleep even if I tried. It's a mental marathon to look at the same 3 pages off and on for 12+ hours. I might have forced myself to eat at this point.

3:00am- Finished the exam and proofread it. I disliked it. Hopefully that helps you out.

4:00am- Sobering up from caffeine.

5:00am- Caffeine hangover. Going to have to sleep this one off--if I can.

8:30am- Decide that I must hand the test in as early as possible because as long as I have it in my possession, I feel more guilty and worse about it. I make a pact with myself to not read it again on the way over so I don't get cold feet.

8:45am- Waiting for the exam control room woman to help me, I accidentally glance at my final. I have about 2 hours left and I live close. I could still fix something. I promptly decide against it, arguing that if I haven't gotten it by now or during the proofreading stage, it won't come to me now.

8:47am- It's finally over and there is nothing I can do about it now. Which is my reasoning for not being upset over tests after the fact (even if they didn't turn out as well as I had hoped).

9:00am- Crashed. I had trouble getting to sleep--who knew caffeine had such a long withdrawal time?
Tomorrow is the first day of class and we have legal writing during the first week of class this semester. The one thing I miss about last semester is I think they're going to coddle us less now. I sense it.


Blogger Abu Gingy said...

Start blogging again.

1:01 AM, February 15, 2006  
Anonymous Scott Ryan said...

coming back to blogging any chance?

10:12 AM, July 21, 2007  

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